The idea of having a one-stop shop for everything Operations, Launch Management, Strategies and getting Projects done led to the founding of Suzify Co. 


To be the go-to OBM agency in the Philippines that serves digital entrepreneurs worldwide.


To connect World-Class Filipino Online Business Managers with Digital Entrepreneurs to help them scale their businesses through streamlines systems and strategies.


Business with a Heart , Collaborative and Competitive

Suzette bongalosa

Suzette (Suzie) Bongalosa

CEO and Lead OBM

Suzie is the CEO, Founder, and Lead OBM of Suzify Co. She’s a freelance OBM based in Madrid, Spain, currently working with 6-7 figure businesses, most of them with multiple high-ticket offers, and most of them on retainer.

She also helps aspiring Filipino OBMs through her signature program, the Unstoppable OBM. Aside from that, she’s also a coach for freelancers inside one of the biggest freelancing groups in the Philippines (The Freelance Movement Tribe).

On days when she’s not wearing her CEO, OBM, and/or Coach hat, you can find her either learning more about her craft, dancing her heart out, trying out new restaurants, or reading in the park.

Suzette bongalosa

Shiela Bongalosa

Managing Partner | OBM  Tech Integrator

Shiela is Suzify Co.’s managing partner and OBM tech manager. She’s a Certified Ontraport expert who is responsible for setting up Suzify Co.’s website, pages, and system automation.

She saves time for the team and the clients by creating automation and systemizes non-repetitive workflow so that the team and the people the team helps can focus on what they specialize in.  

She loves to make things easier with tech because she has seen how systematizing things can allow for the more important things in life, i.e. having more time to spend for herself, her son, and her family. 

On days when she’s not working, she either travels locally, goes on a date with her son, or just spends time having a good K-Drama sesh. 

Shiela looks forward to participating in more launches, setting up automation, and transforming lives as Suzify Co.’s partnership grows in the future. 

Chai Montero

Chai Montero

Online Business Manager | Blog Writer

Chai is Suzify Co.’s project manager, fresh out of the Unstoppable OBM course. She makes sure that project deliverables are submitted on time, and pending tasks are chased and fulfilled. She is also responsible for coordinating with both internal and external teams to ensure that launches are done smoothly, and all bases covered.

Her various work experiences is what eventually led her to becoming an OBM. She loves the idea of working when you want, where you want, and becoming an OBM is another addition to her repertoire. She believes that while each team member is critical to the success of a business, every business would benefit having *that* one person to streamline everything. 

In her spare time she loves traveling (or dreaming of it), but right now, she’s busy preparing to be a first-time mom.

Chai Montero

Leonard Cleofas

Copywriter Genius

Leonard is the copywriter behind a lot of projects under Suzify Co. He’s responsible for writing copy that supports launches: including copy for emails, landing pages, and sales pages, among others. He finds copywriting fun and enjoyable as it allows him to solve problems and guide the reader towards taking the next step. 

When he’s not wearing his copywriter hat, he takes on various leadership roles: he leads choirs as their conductor, he leads patients to recovery as a physiotherapist, and he also leads a small group of freelancers in their weekly mastermind sessions/ accountability calls.

Chai Montero

Krystal Gem Aviado

Creative Designer

Krystal Gem is Suzify Co.’s Graphic Designer and Video Editor. She’s responsible for making sure that the videos you see is aesthetically pleasing and not confusing. 

Her experience with filmmaking, event organizing, visual advertising, and post-production operations has led her to be the perfect person to be in charge of everything graphics and video for Suzify Co and it’s clients. 

She loves to listen to podcasts while working to keep her creative juices flowing, the secret to producing a bomb output. *wink*

Chai Montero

JC Sales

General Virtual Assistant

JC is the Virtual Assistant of Suzify Co. As the team’s all-around guy, he handles admin tasks, including managing Suzify Co.’s Facebook groups, Facebook page, and Instagram account.

Finishing a degree in Tourism Management has led him to be passionate about working and helping people, making him the perfect person to be the one engaging and rallying Suzify Co.’s students, community members, and followers to the activities that have been prepared for them. 

Aside from being the team’s all-around guy, he is also a freelance makeup artist who specializes in making people look their absolute best. He looks forward to helping more people as an online business manager in the future.   

Suzify Co. prides itself in being able to provide world-class OBM services that allow online business owners to take a full step into their CEO role and fulfill their vision for a better world. It also provides these business owners access to a team of digital marketers that would help them reach their vision faster. In addition, it is also the home of the most (if not the most) comprehensive OBM program available to FIlipinos today, the Unstoppable OBM.

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